Your vision, our craftsmanship.

Unique Jewelry by Rose

We take pride in crafting truly unique pieces destined to become heirlooms. Rose designers work with you individually to turn your vision into quality jewelry.

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Design Process


Consultation & Sketch

Consultations are free. We'll discuss your vision for the project, create a sketch of your jewelry, and give you an idea of cost for us to build your custom piece. Please note that this is a rough estimate. Final cost of jewelry is based on many factors, some of which may change during the design process.


Design and 3D Print

We have invested in state of the art technology for 3D modeling. Your virtually sculpted piece will be 3D printed in resin. We'll invite you back to the shop, where you'll be able to hold the piece in your hand, view it from every angle, and request any adjustments before we move onto casting. Initial designs are typically ready in 1-2 weeks.

  • Rendering fees are applied towards the final cost of your jewelry
  • $300 when using stones provided by Rose
  • $450 when using customer's stones, to accommodate time for dismantling and measuring

Mold and Cast

  • After you approve your design, the finalized 3D print of your piece is used to create a mold.
  • Inside of a vacuum chamber, molten metal is poured into the mold, then slowly allowed to cool. Once removed from the mold, this is the core of your jewelry.
  • To begin casting, we require a down payment in the amount of 50% of final cost.

Set and Polish

  • After casting, we hand-finish the metal to a "pre-polished" state. This removes imperfections or blemishes before we set your stones.
  • Your stones are set into your piece. A variety of setting methods can be used to anchor your stones and achieve your desired look.
  • Your piece returns to the bench for a final polish, ensuring it's perfect for you.

Make it Yours

Following design approval, pieces are typically built and polished in another 1-2 weeks. After the final polish, we'll call to notify you that your handcrafted, 100% unique piece is ready to bring home.


Initial consultations for custom designs are free. Please complete the form below, and one of our staff will call you to schedule an appointment.